uniVAL drive

The latest trend

The last step in this unified automation trend is to let this one intelligent device, the machine controller, also perform the robot control, at least at the kinematic level.

uniVAL drive is an unprecedented, innovative solution allowing the machine controller to perform the kinematic controls of the robot at the joint level.

However, uniVAL drive still performs the complex parts of the robot control: dynamic phenomena compensations and servo tuning, thus guarantying the high performances and arm behavior expected from a fast, accurate robot arm.

uniVAL drive is based on the same hardware and control software as the robot manufacturer’s range of controllers, developed over years of robot control experience.

The advantages of this approach are numerous, the major ones being:

  • one single control platform, programming language, and human-machine interface for the entire machine, robot included
  • cleaner, simpler integration (less components, less wiring)
  • no need for the OEM or integrator to invest in risky hardware (connect third party drives to the robot arm) and complex software developments (servo tuning and dynamic robot control algorithms)
  • as a result, the high performances and behavior of the robot are the same as when it is controlled by the robot manufacturer’s controller
  • much clearer responsibilities in terms of warranty, and service

Today, uniVAL drive is compatible with all the robots (4-axis SCARA, 6-axis anthropomorphic, fast picker, heavy payload, etc…) of the Stäubli Robotics product range, and can be connected to a variety of real time, Ethernet-based fieldbuses (visit the Realtime Fieldbuses section of this website for more information).

This openness makes it possible to control a Stäubli robot with a wide range of controllers, manufactured by a panel of partner companies (visit the Equipment suppliers section of this website for more information).